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September 24, 2012  

Fitzpatrick Earns Bucks FOP Endorsement

LANGHORNE, PA: The Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police Bucks County Lodge No. 53 endorsed Mike Fitzpatrick for Congress today citing his strong legislative record for law enforcement. "I am honored to receive the endorsement of Bucks County's FOP Lodge 53," said Mike Fitzpatrick. "The men and women of the law enforcement community across Bucks County are working each and every day to keep our communities safe places to live, work and raise a family. As they protect and serve the people of Bucks County, I am proud to serve in our nation's capital, working to ensure that our law enforcement officers have the tools they need to safely and effectively perform their duties."

President Glen Golembeski of the Bucks FOP praised Fitzpatrick's work in Congress, explaining that "the Bucks County FOP has a true friend and ally in Congressman Fitzpatrick as his legislative record clearly shows. His common-sense approach to representing our members and all residents of Bucks County has earned him our endorsement."

Citing Fitzpatrick's legislative initiatives, including the Children of Fallen Heroes Act, Golembeski added that "Congressman Fitzpatrick truly understands not only the challenges faced by Bucks County's law enforcement community, but also the concerns of the families of our officers. Congressman Fitzpatrick firmly stands with our members and their families."

"I thank the Lodge for their support and I look forward to continuing to work with them going forward," concluded Fitzpatrick.

Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police Bucks County Lodge No. 53 represents Bucks County law enforcement officers and their families across Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District. Fitzpatrick is recognized by the National Fraternal Order of Police as being in the Top 10% of all Members of Congress when it comes to law enforcement issues.

Their endorsement represents the latest show of community support for Congressman Fitzpatrick as he works to support local law enforcement, while putting our country back on the right track.


Get Health Care Reform Right

Dear Friend,

Today, the Supreme Court upheld government-run, universal healthcare. This misguided policy has been the far left's dream policy for years.

I oppose universal healthcare and will do everything I can to stop it. You have my promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act while fighting to keep the provisions we know are good policy.

My opposition to government-run healthcare and the largest tax increase on middle income families in American history has drawn the attention of the left. The Liberals and their extreme left-wing friends are going "all-in" here in Pennsylvania to defeat me.

The extremists have reserved an astounding $5.5 million in TV ad time here in Pennsylvania alone, nearly half of that money is targeted right here in my district. They'll use this air time for one purpose: to run negative, dishonest attack ads against me so that Nancy Pelosi can become Speaker of the House to impose universal healthcare on Americans.

In fact, this month marks the 25th Anniversary of Nancy Pelosi being elected to Congress! Just this week, Pelosi's lieutenants were in Philadelphia raising money for my opponent. It's fitting that they were raising money in Philadelphia, because if they have their way, they would turn our District into an annex for Philadelphia. Make no mistake about it; my opponent is a Pelosi Protégé who will be a rubber stamp for the left-wing's radical agenda to force us into a government-run healthcare system.

Help me fight back. Please click here and make a contribution of $500.00, $250.00, $100.00 or even $25.00 to help our efforts.

The Liberals have focused like a laser-beam on our community because included with bringing Nancy Pelosi back to power is the re-election of Barack Obama. Just yesterday, the news outlet POLITICO reported that Obama will "live and die by the size of the margin he produces out of Philadelphia and how well he does in its populous suburbs."

The Liberals have also brought their out-of-town friends here to roost. One group, run by a guy named Mudcat out of San Francisco, has pledged force government-run healthcare on the American people. My opponent will be a certain yes vote for government-run healthcare which puts bureaucrats in charge of healthcare, not patients and doctors.

More importantly, the reason all of these groups are so negative is because their radical friends running the government have no record to run on - unemployment has remained above 8 percent for longer than any period since the Great Depression and the country's debt has never been higher. All the radical left has to show for their tenure is a massive campaign war chest that will allow them to dump millions of dollars into negative ads against us this fall to protect government-run healthcare.

Please make a contribution today to combat the left's onslaught of negative ads coming this Fall.

Next Saturday, June 30th, is a critical fundraising deadline. It's the last report that will become public until just days before the election in the fall. Our success this quarter will set the pace of the rest of the campaign, and it is our last opportunity to show Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats that they cannot win here and should focus their attention elsewhere.

We're closing in on a major financial milestone this quarter; one that I think would send a powerful message to Nancy Pelosi and her allies. Can you help me do it?

Help me continue the work that I've done to put our country back on the right track by making a contribution of $500.00, $250.00, $100.00 or even $25.00 before the June 30th deadline on Saturday.

You've always been supportive in the past, and I am thankful for it.


Mike Fitzpatrick



Make no mistake about this one. ObamaCare was not a healthcare bill. It was a tax bill.

The Supreme Court laid all doubt to rest yesterday. After President Obama spent much of his first term insisting that his biggest legislative priority was being mischaracterized as a "tax," the Court has decided that the individual mandate included in Obama's health care law is just that - a tax on every single American citizen. In fact, Obamacare is the largest middle
class tax increase in history.

The Wall Street Journal writes today that, "It is now undeniable that Mr. Obama has imposed the largest tax increase in history on the middle class. Individuals who don't buy insurance will have to pay several hundred dollars, depending on income. The Congressional Budget Office says that 76% of those who pay the mandate tax will make less than 500% of the federal poverty level, estimated to be $24,000 for a family of four in 2016. That means 76% of the payers will earn less than $120,000 a year. So much for Mr. Obama's promise not to raise taxes on anyone earning less than $200,000."
We have the opportunity to correct course this year, keeping the few provisions that are popular but repealing the mandates, taxes, rationing and job-crushing restraints of Obamacare. I can't do it without your help.

If we want to fix healthcare in this country, we must move in a new direction.

My opponent is a big-government, extreme liberal who is out of touch with the average Pennsylvanian. She will be a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi if she gets the chance in Congress. She will take us back to the failed policies that brought us trillion dollar deficits and double digit unemployment and government takeover of healthcare and its economy.

I am in the middle of visiting 100 businesses in 100 days. I have been hearing about the challenges small and medium sized businesses face every day. They are summed up in the following that appeared on CNBC today:

CNBC: "Small Business on Obamacare: No Reason to Hire or Invest" . Small business owners and advocates responded to today's Supreme Court decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act with anger, confusion and a lot of questions about where they go from here. "At this point, I have more questions than I have answers," said Larry Mocha, president, Air Power Systems in Tulsa, Okla. "We already provide health insurance for our employees and have for many years. How will this impact our premiums? How will this impact [America's] health-care system? And how will this impact my small business?" Small business owners, who have been waiting for the
court's decision on Obamacare before making decisions on hiring and investment now say the decision raises more questions than it answers."

If you own or operate a small business, or if you want your children and grandchildren to live in a country that values hard work and encourages all those interested to start a small business to be able to do so, I need your help.

I was sent to Washington to fight for the hard working, middle class families of Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District.

The Congressional Budget Office has found that at least 75 percent of those affected by the mandate tax in "ObamaCare" will be hard-working middle class families making less than $250,000 per year. President Obama campaigned on the promise that if you make less than $250,000, your taxes won't increase a single penny. In fact, in October of 2008 while speaking in Newport News Virginia, President Obama proclaimed health care "should never be purchased with tax increases on middle-class families because that is the last thing we need in an economy like this. Folks are already having a tough enough time."

I get it. I will continue to fight for you, and for the values and freedoms you hold dear. Keep in touch with me and - together- let's fix our healthcare system, improve our economy, and get Americans back to work!


Mike Fitzpatrick



  America's helpers: They set us apart
Sunday, April 21, 2013
By Mike Fitzpatrick

As we awoke daily to unimaginable tragedy this past week, I was buoyed by the fact that we continually saw the best in our country as folks rallied to help each other in time of need.

I was reminded by something written by Pennsylvania's own Mr. Rogers, who aside from being a constant support for parents raising children, was a Presbyterian minister who always found a way to draw attention to what really matters.
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