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Bringing People Together to Get Things Done

Mike is ranked as one of the most independent Members of Congress who is willing to reach across the aisle to get things done for the citizens of the 8th Congressional District.

Much of Mike’s efforts in Congress have focused empowering Americans to kick-start our economy to put people back to work. He has worked to pass nearly 30 bills through the House of Representatives aimed at getting government out of the way of small business and fostering a predictable set of rules for businesses to grow. Ranging from closing tax loopholes to ensure everybody pays their fair share to keeping bureaucratic regulations are kept in check, Mike has focused on real world solutions that move us forward.

For our seniors, Mike believes that Social Security and Medicare are critical entitlements that we must protect and strengthen. He has pledged to fight any effort that would jeopardize their solvency or reduce benefits for current seniors. In order to keep these programs working properly, Mike has brought people together to re-think how these programs can work better. Mike believes it is essential that those over 55 years old should not have their benefits changed.

To make healthcare more affordable and accessible, Mike supports a wide range of reforms aimed at improving the system instead of creating a government-run, mandated healthcare regime. Mike opposes putting bureaucrats between patients and doctors through government-run healthcare. By implementing common sense reforms, Mike believes health insurers can cover pre-existing conditions and cover children under 26 years old at an affordable rate while reducing healthcare costs for all.

To change the culture in Washington, Mike has taken the lead on legislation that attacks the fundamental underpinnings of the system that breeds this arrogance and conceit. One of these is “No Budget, No Pay,” which makes law that if Congress does not pass a budget on time, Members of Congress do not get paid on time. Furthermore, Mike has cosponsored legislation which ends the lavish defined benefit pension plan currently offered to Members of Congress. Mike co-sponsored and made law the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge, or STOCK, Act (H.R. 1148) which would prohibit Members of Congress from profiting off of the non-public information they obtain via their official positions through the stock market. Finally, Mike introduced a Constitutional amendment to establish term limits: four terms in the House; two terms in the Senate.

Bringing people together to get things done, Mike has introduced and passed several bills that use common sense to make America stronger. With the unemployment rate for male veterans aged 18-24 hovering 29%, Mike introduced the Fairness to Veterans Act to provide veterans with the same preference given to other groups when bidding on federal contracts, as well as state projects which use federal dollars. This policy has passed unanimously in several spending bills and Mike intends to make this the law of the land. Another piece of legislation is the Jeremy Bell Act which ends the abhorrent bureaucratic practice aimed at avoiding taking the steps necessary to protect children is known as “Passing the Trash.” The Jeremy Bell Act would impose fines and imprisonment for employers who knowingly cover up sexual abuse by employees via passing them onto other employers without warning. Also, Mike passed the Danny Mac Act unanimously through the House of Representatives to ensure that the families of emergency medical workers who die in the line of duty will receive their rightful benefits.

With your support, Mike will continue to bring people together to get things done in Washington.

  America's helpers: They set us apart
Sunday, April 21, 2013
By Mike Fitzpatrick

As we awoke daily to unimaginable tragedy this past week, I was buoyed by the fact that we continually saw the best in our country as folks rallied to help each other in time of need.

I was reminded by something written by Pennsylvania's own Mr. Rogers, who aside from being a constant support for parents raising children, was a Presbyterian minister who always found a way to draw attention to what really matters.
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